Featherlight. Functional. Flexible.

MŪSA is changing the way athletes across the world listen to their favorite jams. With it's 100% waterproof, sweat-proof and lightweight build, MŪSA is by far the best multi-sport audio system available. Take your music wherever you go.


Go Anywhere. Do Anything.

The MŪSA audio system allows you to go anywhere and do anything as you listen to your favorite music or podcasts. The unique low profile, lightweight, audio system defy the elements, even in strenuous activity. Swim, kayak and paddle board using our 100% waterproof iPod shuffle and MŪSA headband or googles.


Eliminate Dangling Wires.

MŪSA’s unique patent-pending design is transforming the way people listen to music and exercise. With MŪSA's unique and clever build, never again worry about dangling wires getting in the way of your workout. 

Brilliantly Low Profile.

MŪSA products are super low profile, light weight and durable. Put them on and you'll hardly notice them. Dangling wires won't get in the way of you jamming out to your favorite music on the courts - or in the pool.