Waterproof Shuffle

Waterproof Shuffle

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This basic set will get you swimming to music with a completely 100% waterproof genuine iPod shuffle and short cord, waterproof earbuds. The short cord earbuds work best when the iPod is clipped to a hat,  goggle straps or swim cap.

The cords might be bothersome - which is why we created the MŪSA Headband and MŪSA Goggles eliminating dangling cords. Different sized earplugs are included free so you get the best fit. The iPod features 2 GB of storage, a long battery life - up to 15 hours - so you can enjoy hundreds of songs.


  • 1 Authentic Waterproofed iPod Shuffle
  • 100% Waterproof short-cord Headphones
  • 3 earbud sizes for maximum comfort
  • Zipper Protection Case
  • One Year Manufacturer Warranty

Does NOT include: 

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